Frequently asked questions

We follow the guidelines of the Dutch Health Institute when it comes to health and safety. On location we have taken the following precautions:

– 1.5M distance, everywhere on location
– Several disinfection stations
– Limited number of visitors on location
– Signs with rules and explanations of all taken measures.
– Multiple cleaning moments during production days
– Both employees and visitors wear protective clothing, face masks etc.

Very good. The studios are centrally located near Amsterdam. Parking is free in the surrounding area and the train station is around the corner.

Besides green screen studios, we have a separate control room, an audio studio, a visitors area and a separate room for make-up. Obviously there are sufficient toilet facilities and there are possibilities in the field of catering.

We can help you from A to Z in organising your online event. A creative concept, the design, the entire technical production and show direction. On both technical and organisational level we think about how your brand comes to life.

Absolutely. The visitors at home obviously need a strong internet connection. By adding interaction and entertainment to the substantive program, we ensure that your target group is involved during the entire event. To date, we have organized events from 20 to 300,000 visitors in 1 day.

We decide this together with you and make sure the design of the production matches with your brand guidelines

No problem. Of course they need a stable internet connection and the right facilities to present from home. The keynote speaker has control over the presentation and can even add video and audio. We ensure that the presentation fits within the entire design.

We have a global network of partner studios. This allows the event to be organised in multiple studios.

We work with high-end equipment. Ultra Modern cameras and design programs for 3D animation. Picture perfect!

We can send the streams to almost any platform (RTMP(S) Protocol). Each service has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to speed, safety, technology, features, etc. Of course we are happy to advise you on the best options for your event.

Almost every platform supports embedding the stream on external websites. In some cases this requires an additional security check. We offer support in this area and extensively test whether everything is working properly.

Absolutely. This keeps the footage available after the event.

We have taken various security measures for both incoming and outgoing streams. We will of course look for the best possible solution.

Yes. This is one of the extra possible features.

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